My studio is located at, 20 East Herman Street in Germantown, right off Germantown Avenue. I’ve been working in this space for 17 years, thanks in part to good landlords and friendly artist neighbors all around.

I work in the mornings, six or seven days a week. I see clients in the afternoons and early evenings. In the studio no one bothers me. It is comfortable and it feels like I can breathe and take my time.

At times I work on two pieces at the same time because one is drying and the other is ready to paint. I often use the work on the walls as reference and inspiration.

Most of my tables are on wheels, as are the easels, and that makes it flexible to switch around.

I welcome visitors by appointment. When there are open studio opportunities like POST (Philadelphia Open Studio Tours), or holiday open house at Herman Street, I’m usually participating, so feel free to stop by!